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John Lucas

John Lucas is an independent singer-songwriter, amassing a strong catalog since the release of his first official full-length album in 2015. Lucas writes with intimacy and depth, spanning musically from bare-bones acoustic to sweeping cinematic scores (with the help of close and talented friends). Lucas has partnered with Musicbed to provide his music for synch licensing, and has received some notable placements. His latest album, "We Walk in the Garden", is a collective dance of unity and mystery, of doubt and of hope.

John Lucas lent his tender guitar playing and vocals to Amanda’s song Center of the Universe on her album Embers.


Sarah DeShields

Sarah DeShields is a Musician, Visual Artist and Spiritual Director. She has written and produced albums across many genres, runs an artists collective and a photography company. Sarah's work focuses on themes of spirituality, humanity, myth and meaning making.

Sarah and Amanda collaborated on some songwriting for Sarah’s upcoming album, a collection of Scottish-Appalachian traditional and original folks songs, to be released in 2019. Sarah also provided harmonium and background vocals for Amanda’s new single Song to My Heart.


Glenn Deuel

Glenn Deuel is a philosopher-poet, whose songs truly invite the listener on a journey. Deuel thrives on the unexpected, and occasionally the (seemingly) out of place, to weave master compositions. When not writing music, Deuel produces and engineers the music of others, and builds furniture from reclaimed wood. Deuel lives in the mountains for North Carolina with his wife Erin and their newborn son.

Glenn produced Amanda’s album Seven Songs and has provided electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and vocals on most of her musical projects.

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Everett Hardin

Everett Hardin of Red Yeti Audio is a producer, engineer, and musician living and working in Boone, North Carolina.

Everett produced, engineered and mixed Amanda’s album Embers as well as the single Song to My Heart to be released in October 2019. He also provided cello for these projects along with her Seven Songs album.

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Heirlooms Album

Heirlooms is an album of songs written and composed by the community within Amanda’s home church in Boone called TheHeart. The album is an overflow of a season in which the church read through and studied the Psalms together. “An heirloom is something of great value that is passed down from one generation to the next. We believe the ancient songbook of the Psalms is just that—an heirloom for the people of God, passed down to us through Scripture. It is always inviting us to reflect on our shared humanity, past and present, and the deeds of an everlasting God—through expressions of grief, doubt, victory, anger, love, remembrance, and ultimately praise of the Almighty One” (Erin Deuel - Worship Director of TheHeart).

"We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done." - Psalm 78:4

Amanda wrote and performed the song Oblivion on the album, as well as provided vocals and trumpet for several songs.