Snow (Baptism)

I've never seen a wind so blind, got everybody wondering what it means
We all got froze here in Carolina, there's a blizzard down in New Orleans

All of the stars blown out of place, they were scattered on the mountainside
I'm watching from the window pane, I got a little more time to buy

When the cold has eased it's angst
When the earth has died enough
When the snow melts from the riverbanks
Maybe you can baptize us

Oh I was born in nakedness and naked I will be reclaimed
Who'll be the voice in the wilderness while I am spitting in the devil's face

Frost on the face of the windowpane, I don't know if it's you or me
I think the dead are up and at 'em and the living are fast asleep

When the spring brings the rains
Heaven's tears for Adam's race
Pull me under, fill my lungs
It's a slow death to become

Amanda Opelt